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IP PBX for small and medium sized businesses

The quality requirements are important for us so we work with the best PBX systems. The cost of building is the same as that of traditional digital PBXs, but in quality, flexibility and knowledge, far exceeds than old type of PBXs.

Yealink CP860A Conference phone
Yealink T48G Touchscreen product

The primary advantage of IP PBX systems is that there is no need to build and maintain two separate infrastructures for telephones and IP networks in the same building. Moving an end point (phone extension) is also very easy, no assistance is needed.

Yealink T42G
Yealink T46G
Further advantage is that the IP PBXs basic architecture contains a lot of features that were available with expensive extensions at old digital PBXs. In addition to the usual basic features, such as:
  • ability to create an interactive voice menu for incoming calls
  • receive faxes in e-mails,
  • speaker function between boss and secretary (intercom, pager),
  • operator hall or business center loudspeaker system,
  • gate or reception service,
  • camera door phone control where the door phone picture is displayed on a suitable phone (the door can be opened from the phone),
  • extension outside of office,
  • extension on cellphone via the Internet,
  • optional voice mailbox,
  • possibility of voice recording of conversations
  • automatic control of PBX in business hours or beyond, for example, it automatically switches to voicemail or activates call forwarding or change the interactive voice management,
  • logging of call traffic,
  • CALL Center option,
  • HOTEL and HOSPITAL options

Yealink T23G
Swissvoice CP2502
Our PBX systems also support video transmission in Full HD, so you can operate videoconferencing systems even across national borders without any fees.

Yealink T49G Touchscreen videophone
Install video conference room

Video conference system

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