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Operating information

More than 50 countries landline numbers are available for private or business purposes.

Simply divert your incoming calls from your ordered call number to your existing phone number via our website. No additional technical tools are required in this case. This is especially useful if you only want to receive calls on your foreign phone number. Call forwarding rates are the same as calling rates. Target of the forwarded phone number can be changed at anytime on our website.

In order to make phone calls, broadband internet connection is required to have at the location of desired non-Hungarian landline. Our services are available Hungary wide. Subscriber's foreign line connects to our system over the Internet, which requires insertion of an intermediate device between your telephone and your router.

Hangháló services preferred cable connected internet with public IP address. It is also functional via networks over the mobile Internet, satellite internet or wireless (WiFi) internet connections, but these links are not guaranteed to be free of delays and unexpected interrupts. Without public IP address on your Internet connection our services may not be available.

Existing of other landline telephone services are not a required for operation of Hangháló services.

By default, our system sends the non-Hungarian telephone number by all your outgoing calls. If your landline phone is suitable to display incoming call number, it can easily be demonstrated.

When using any of devices like SPA112 or SPA122, use dialing rules of ordered country or dial simply 00 and country code for any outgoing calls. Calls from Hangháló system are handled by other telephone service providers as international calls, so available for calling landline and mobile phones only.

We provide one voice channel to each phone number, but for overloaded PBX it is possible to provide supplementary channels.

Just simply connect your phone to the LAN of your home or office router and the system is ready to use.

Unlimited calls

No limit packages associated with one phone number allows only one outbound call simultaneously.

No parallel outgoing call can be initiated.

Activation of a no limit package can be requested on our website in the Customer profile area of the registered users.

Additional info about our services

You can order our service from following Countries. We do not have any loyalty statement, so you can use our services for as long as you like. Registration is done by ordering.

No loyalty statement, you can quit using our services whenever you want. Registration is proceed when placing an order.

To proceed an order follow the steps below:

  • your email address is requested to create an online web-contract,
  • provide the necessary personal information,
  • choose the optimal device for your use (except if you already have an IP-based PBX),
  • choose a payment method,
  • your configured device will be shipped within 15 days.

Initial costs are: device/equipment price, one-time entry fee and monthly fee. Half of entry fee can be freely used to our services or calls. The one-time entry fee price is double of monthly fee of the ordered telephone number. You can pay by credit card when placing your order on our website. Choose your appropriate payment method by wire transfer from your bank account or by cash in any MKB Bank countrywide. The package also includes information about installation on your side, which can easily be followed without any further assistance. VAT invoice will be included in the package too.

Shipping via delivery service. If you have preferences shipping will be scheduled in accordance.

The Ordered device will be owned by our subscriber. So if you do not want to use our services anymore, you can reset this device to facroty settings with the reset button on the back of machine and can use for any similar system. We offer one year warranty for the device.

Landline moving information

In case of changing the installation site, your new address should be report us via client profile of our website to get your service available as soon as possible.

Technical task is the same as at the installation procedure.

Payment information, credit card acceptance

We offer only prepaid services.

Each subscriber has a virtual phone wallet where the prepaid HUF amount can be used only for services, monthly fees and call fees.

Charging your wallet can be done by bank transfer, credit card payment or by cash in any branch office of MKB countrywide. We recommend automatic bank transfers to our major subscribers in proportion of their average monthly cost.

Our monthly fees are charged on the first day of each month. System sends notification to whose wallet have insufficient amount to cover the due payment. If monthly fee is not available at the time of the charge, phone line will be change to passive state while incoming or outgoing calls can not be initiated and received. The passive state automatically returns to the normal state when a charge is received onto the virtual wallet.

After the passive state is restored the balance will be charged by proportion of the monthly fee corresponding to the month's day and the reconnection fee, which is the same as the monthly fee. However the line remains in passive state and it will not be uploaded until the first day of next month, the phone line will be out of order.

Our subscriber can upload his/her virtual wallet by wire transfer, credit card or cash in any branch of MKB after weblogin into client profile. Here you can activate additional services or check detailed outbound calls and monthly charges on your virtual wallet. Uploaded amount will be activated within a few seconds in case of bank card payments. Wire transferred amounts will be activated on the next working day after receiving it on our bank account. Each upload will be e-invoice and emailed to the subscriber in pdf format. Amount on virtual wallet is deducted by the VAT. It is paid at upload at once, therefore VAT is no longer appears in the future for the services that charge the balance of the uploaded virtual wallet. Amount of a Non Hungarian company won't be deduced by VAT in case of having EU TAX number.

OTP Bank Nyrt. provides credit card acceptance for our website. When paying with a credit card, our customer is redirected to OTP Bank's payment site so payment is made directly on the site operated by the Bank, that is why Hangháló do not get any information about credit card number or date of expiry of the credit card or bank account behind it.

You can pay via our website the following credit card types:

Visa ® ( embossed )
MasterCard ® ( embossed )
Maestro ® Any Maestro card issued by any bank is acceptable. Acceptance requirement is the Maestro card supports e-commerce transactions. Please consult your bank.
Electron ® ( unembossed ). For these cards, the issuing bank will determine if it will allow the card to be used on the Internet. If your customer Electron card has allowed card usage on the Internet, our customers can pay with your VISA Electron card through our website.

In order to further enhance the security of online card use, has introduced its or service. This entails the issuing bank providing the cardholder with an additional means of identification that gets verified during the transaction, thus accurately confirming the identity of the card’s user.

If your issuing bank does not offer any VbV/MSC services, or you have not requested it, the payment process will remain unchanged. Our store will redirect you to OTP Bank’s site, where you will need to enter your card details (card number,expiration date, verification code), after which payment for the purchased items/services takes place.

If VbV/MSC services are available at your issuing bank, and you have opted in, the payment process will be different. You will still need to enter your card details (card number, expiration date, verification code) via the OTP Bank payment site. After this step, however, you will be automatically redirected by the Bank to the appropriate site of your issuing bank, where you will need to have your identity confirmed. Once your identity has been successfully confirmed, the payment transaction will resume and you will get a notification after it has completed. As the last step, you will be redirected to our online store. If you are unable to have your identity confirmed, the transaction will be cancelled.

Malfunctions and solutions

I want to use two phone numbers from two different countries on one voip device and two different phones. Is it possible?
It is possible by means of devices SPA112 or an IP based PBX.
I want to replace my existing foreign number with another country's number. Is it possible to use the new number instead of the old phone number without physical replace?
Yes, it is possible! We only have to take some administrative steps. Please contact our customer service in this case.
When you set it up in your office, you do not get dial tone while your Internet service is available on your computers.
This is possible when a very strong and special firewall configuration or proxy server provides Internet access to the office network. In both cases, ask for local IT help. Fixed privat IP address should be set up for the device and external UDP port 5060 port and the port range of UDP 16300-16500 must be redirected to the device in the settings of the firewall. This device must have unlimited outgoing Internet access. We can not use a service through a proxy server.
When you set it up in your home, you do not get dial tone while your Internet service is reachable on your computer.
Some routers have their own firewall system. In such cases, these routers may also make extra filters on outbound traffic. Disable extra firewall services of your router, for example disable SPI firewall service. Some cases there is firmware bug, please check the firmware of your router and if necessary upgrade to a new one.
There is no dial tone on the phone and it sounds always busy.
Device what provides a foreign telephone line does not detect Internet connection and do not have connection with the phone services provider. Please check the cabling, carefully move the connectors out and in. When the connectivity looks good, check Internet connection on a computer on same network! If there are no Internet service, please disconnect your router from power supply, wait several seconds, and reconnect it again.
When dialing, a dense click is heard after each digit key pressed on the phone. Calls can not be made but the incoming calls are working fine.
Please set the switch on the back of the phones mode from "Pulse" to "Tone".
Reset button has been pressed on the back of the device. Now I do not get dial tone and you can not make a phone call.
This operation cleared from your device all the settings you need to connect to Hangháló network. Please contact us via our mailing list for restore proper settings!
Device is installed in a cellar or attic, it works unstable, sometimes it stops and needs to be restarted.
Please note that the devices operated at a temperature of 10 to 40 degrees, depending on the manufacturer's specifications. Please move the unit to another room, where is preferably at room temperature.
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